ASR Analytics, LLC (ASR) provides high-end analytic consulting services to clients in the public and private sectors. ASR Analytics has seen steady growth since it was founded in 2004, with deep expertise in the fields of business intelligence, predictive modeling, and data mining – and in the design and development of customized technology tools that support forecasting, simulation analysis, optimization modeling, and data visualization.

ASR recognizes that the strength of our consulting services is built around three pillars: a clear understanding of our client's business objectives; the proper choice of analytic methods; and customized software applications that put high-powered analytics in the hands of end users. Properly integrated, these three pillars can drive step-change improvements in the speed, quality, and cohesiveness of business decisions.

ASR is at the frontier of this new solution area, helping our clients to develop a clear line-of-sight from their strategic goals to their day-to-day operations. Each of our principals comes to ASR with more than 10 years of experience working with leading global consultancies, policy research firms, and top-tier universities – along with a premier network of professional, academic, and industry contacts that deepens the core expertise of our firm.

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