User-Friendly Predictive Analytics Recruitment Solution Unveiled at NACAC Conference

Sep 23, 2009

Baltimore, MD September 23, 2009 – While attending the National Association for College Admission Counselors (NACAC) 65th Annual Conference, ASR unveiled its new Predictive Analytics Solution for Recruitment and Admission. The new solution is designed to put the power of advanced analytics directly into the hands of enrollment management professionals for better evidence-based decision making. ASR's Recruitment Analytic Models leverage institution specific data to estimate statistically valid forecasts of future enrollment, net tuition revenue, and even retention rates. These models provide enrollment managers with evidence based predictions for shaping the incoming class with the "ideal" students for their institution.

ASR's solution is different. Admissions professionals will be able to interact with the models to build various enrollment scenarios and change the model's assumptions. This helps them understand the inevitable trade-offs that can happen when they simulate various policy "levers." ASR's solution focuses on making these models accessible to non-technical admissions professionals. Most of the solutions on the market require an IT professional to extract data in a specific file format to provide to a third party that estimates an analytic model. The institution receives a static report to guide planning decisions, but it doesn't let them simulate a variety of scenarios.

ASR's new Predictive Analytics Solution for Recruitment and Admission will help the institution develop its recruitment strategy and at the same time enable better day-to-day tactical decision making. The solution will help institutions to:

  • Identify causal factors for enrollment
  • Analyze a prospect pool for more effective list purchases
  • Simulate a multitude of enrollment scenarios
  • Forecast enrollment on a daily basis throughout the recruitment lifecycle
  • Perform decision impact analysis and assessment

There were three main goals in development of the framework:

  1. Provide a user-friendly way for busy enrollment management professionals to interact with predictive models to aid in institutional planning.
  2. Produce a solution that works with existing tools and technology already in use at the institution.
  3. Eliminate the need for clients to pay new recurring software license fees.

The secret to successfully meeting these goals lies in ASR's ability to develop analytic solutions that help institutions integrate their people, process, and technology. "We think it's critically important that advanced analytics are put directly into the hands of those that do the planning and make the decisions" said, Dr. Peter Arena, ASR's founding principal and chief statistician for higher education. "Using simple, point-and-click interfaces – enrollment professionals can bring data and information to life. The result is a rich user experience that makes it easier to visualize data, simulate decisions before they are made, and ultimately optimize recruiting."

To get people started with predictive analytics, ASR is offering a special NACAC conference rate for 50% off the company's Prospect Scoring Report service. Attendees can visit the ASR booth for more details and to see a demonstration of the full solution.

To learn more about ASR's solutions for higher education visit: ASR's Solutions for Higher Education

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