ASR Awarded Ohio State Term Schedule

Jan 12, 2015

ASR Analytics, LLC was recently awarded a State Term Schedule (STS) from the state of Ohio. Information Technology Products and Services vendors who wish to sell to the state must have an STS and it opens significant new opportunities to do business with Ohio government agencies. The Ohio Term Contract is a master agreement that allows Ohio state and local government agencies to purchase ASR solutions and services. The State of Ohio recognizes the advantages of doing business with ASR under a State term contract as a qualified vendor providing a variety of solutions. The Term Contract pricing is based on federal negotiated prices on ASR's GSA IT-70 Schedule GS-35F-450AA. This award demonstrate ASR's record of success with a uniquely flexible approach to data analysis applied to a variety of state and local areas like fraud detection, tax compliance, and performance audits. To learn more, visit the State and Local page.

About ASR

ASR Analytics, LLC (ASR) is a GSA certified small business that provides analytic consulting services to clients in the public and private sectors. Founded in 2004, ASR has quickly developed a reputation for thought leadership in the business intelligence and policy research community, by helping our clients to make better decisions through the integration, validation, and analysis of their operational data. ASR's staff includes PhD economists and statisticians, as well as experienced SAS programmers, survey researchers, and database analysts.

ASR delivers outstanding results for clients across the government and education markets. Our practitioners have served as trusted advisors to the Departments of Commerce, Interior, Treasury, Veterans Affairs, and a number of state government agencies.