SSA Admissions and Enrollment

Admissions and enrollment are key factors that drive institutional revenue and annual budgets. This area of analysis provides a comparison of applicants' progress through the admissions funnel; enrollment counts; and change across multiple student demographic and academic attributes. Longitudinal analyis is provided for comparison of an entry cohort or other specifically defined cohorts over time. Our robust data model is designed to support analysis and forecasting to address these business questions and more:

  • How many applicants and enrollments did we have at this point in time last year? Based on previous years, what can we expect to achieve this year? How do we identify declining enrollment trends so we can take action?
  • What is our projected tuition revenue based on admissions and enrollment projections? What are the trends in revenue segmenation?
  • What is our yield rate and is it changing by target market segment or recruiting strategy?
  • Are recruiting and marketing events working and which ones have greater impact on yield than others?
  • What is our feeder school market share and is it changing from our goals?


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